Graduate Students Supervised:

Ph.D. Students

  • Bateni, H. (1995), "Nonlinear Behavior and Control of Active Electro magnetic Bearings".

    Naderi, D. (2000), (Co-advised with Prof. A. Meghdari, Sharif U.), ", "Kinematics & Dynamics Analysis of a planar Manipulator Attached on a Moving Vehicle".

    Foumani, M. S. (2002), (Co-advised with Prof. A. Khajepour, Waterloo U.) "Optimum Design and Control of Active Engine Hydro-mounts".

    Fathi, A. (in progress), "Control of Laser Cladding Process".

    Esmaeili, M. (in progress), "Vibration Control and Performance Improvement of MEMS Gyro".

    Ghassabzaadeh, M. (in progress), "Root Crack Determination of Miss-aligned Meshing Gears".

  • Master’s Students"

  • Khajepour, A. (1992), "Determination of Transient Response of Nonlinear Equations of Motion of a Rocket".

    Fatemi, J. (1993), "Weight Minimization of a Laminated Composite Shell Element".

    Bahrami, A. A., (1993), "Solid Rocket Control Without Forced Shut-Off"

    Tavassoli, M., (1993), "Design of a Vibrating PIG for Inspection of Loads and Supports in Buried Gas Pipelines".

    Pouzesh, S. (1998)," Tool Path Generation Algorithm for Free Shape Surfaces Using the Cloud of Points Method",

    Hanachi, H. (1998), " A CVT System for Motorbike to Achieve Maximum Power at All Driving Conditions",

    Shadmehri, B., (1999), "Dynamic Modeling of Train Derailment"

    Aminzadeh, A. R., (1999), "Determination of Optimum Forming Rate for 3-D Complex Shells"

    Rezaee, A., (2000), "Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis of a 3-Axle Bogie Frame to Increase Axle Load".

    Kaavousian, A. A., (2000), "Computer Simulation of Human Cardio -Vascular System.

    Fouse, H., (2001), (Co-advised with Dr. A. Alasti), "Design, Manufacture and Control of a Sky-Diver’s Training Simulator".

    Kasaeizadeh, A. R., (2001), "Design of an Active Antir-Roll System for Small Cars"

    Rastegar, A., (2002), "Control of a Closed Cycle Diesel Engine".

    Sharafian, R., (2003), "Design of a Turbo- Hydraulic Bus".

    Afsharzadeh, A., (2003), "Dynamic Modelling and Direction Control of a Beam Bed on a Moving Vehicle".

    Jalili, M. M., (2003), "The Effect of Coupler Forces on Cargo Train Derailment".