Raman Ramsin

Assistant Professor


Department of Computer Engineering


Last Updated:  18 October 2014


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Research Laboratory: Methodology Engineering (ME) Lab


General Research Interests

- Object-Oriented Software Engineering

- Methodology Engineering

- Software Patterns and Pattern-Oriented Development


Active Research Areas

- Model-Driven Development (MDD) Methods

- Pattern-Based Situational Method Engineering

- Requirements Engineering in Methodology Engineering

- Computer-Aided Method Engineering (CAME)

- Agile Software Development Methods


Program Committees (Recent)

- 12th International Conference on Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications (SERA 2014), Kitakyushu (Japan), August-September 2014.

- 2nd International Workshop on Agility of Enterprise Systems (AgilES 2013) - in conjunction with XP’13, Vienna (Austria), June 2013.

- Agile and User Centered Design Integration Workshop (AUCDI 2013), York (UK), February 2013.

- 19th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2012) - Emerging Research Track, Hong Kong, December 2012.

- International Workshop on Agility of Enterprise Systems (AgilES 2012) - in conjunction with CAiSE’12, Gdansk (Poland), June 2012.


Active Research Projects

- Model-Driven Approach for Developing Adaptive Web Systems  

- Pattern Language and Pattern Composition Rules for Designing Web-Based Systems

- Generative Software Development through Emergence-Based Transformation


Available MS and PhD Thesis Topics

- Only students of the “Software Development Methodologies” course can apply to join the Methodology Engineering Lab to conduct their MS projects under my supervision. Students who are admitted to the lab will be provided with a list of thesis topics in February.

- You can also propose a different topic, provided that the topic is relevant to Software Engineering. Please refer to this Research Handbook for potential topics.


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