Raman Ramsin

Assistant Professor


Department of Computer Engineering

Last Updated:  28 July 2016


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Courses Offered in the Current Semester

- Patterns in Software Engineering—Graduate

- Object Oriented Design

(The pages also contain notices for students of the previous semester)


All Courses Taught

- Software Development MethodologiesGraduate

- Patterns in Software Engineering—Graduate

- Object Oriented Design

- Agile Software Development

- Software Engineering

- Systems Analysis and Design

- Information Storage and Retrieval

- Foundations of Computer Science II

- Technical and Scientific Presentation

- English for Computer Science and Engineering


Active MS Theses

- Model-Driven Approach for Developing Adaptive Web Systems  

- Generative Software Development through Emergence-Based Transformation


Available MS Thesis Topics

- Only students of the “Software Development Methodologies” course can apply to join the Methodology Engineering Lab to conduct their MS projects under my supervision. Students who are admitted to the lab will be provided with a list of thesis topics in February.

- You can also propose a different topic, provided that the topic is relevant to Software Engineering. Suitable resources will be introduced in class. 


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